The Sam and Diane Stewart Family Foundation Application Guidelines


General Information

The Sam and Diane Stewart Family Foundation is a private foundation established in Salt Lake City in 2002 by Samuel S. and Diane P. Stewart.


Grant Program

The Foundation is committed to fostering and supporting the arts, education, health, and virtues of good citizenship in Utah and beyond. The Trustees do place priority on organizations and projects serving the people of the State of Utah.


Eligibility Criteria

Only non-profit organizations that are tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code’s sections 501(c)(3) or 170(c) are eligible for grants. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals.



The Foundation prefers not to fund organizations that in turn make grants to others.


Application Procedure

Please email a one-page letter of intent summarizing the organization and project to Organizations will then be invited to submit a formal application. Formal applications should consist of a letter and other supporting documents, as outlined below.


Formal Application Letter

Organizations requesting a grant should submit a letter on the letterhead of the organization. This letter must be signed by the chief executive officer (e.g., President, Executive Director, etc.) and should include a statement that the CEO approves the request and endorses it as a strong priority of the organization for Foundation support. The letter must include the following information:

  1. A brief description of the history and mission of the organization and its current activities.

  2. A statement that explains the problem or issues the project addresses, how the project will respond to or resolve that problem, and why the strategy will be effective. If statistics or opinions are included, the source or reference should be cited.

  3. A description of the activities and timetable for their accomplishment.

  4. A detailed budget of the overall cost of the project, the amount of funding requested from the Foundation and how the funds will be used. The statement should discuss how the project would be funded after the Foundation’s funding ceases.

  5. A list of all other sources of support that have committed funding for the proposed project, including the amount of support committed.

  6. A list of all other sources of support from which the organization has requested funding for the project, including the amount requested, and for which a response is pending as of the date of application.

  7. The proposed method for evaluating the project’s effectiveness.

  8. The name, title and telephone number of the person with whom the Foundation should

    communicate regarding the request, if other than the CEO.

  9. A photocopy of the latest determination letter issued by the Internal Revenue Service regarding the organization’s current tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) or section 170 (c).

  1. The organization’s most recent audited financial statements. If the organization’s financial statements are not audited, reviewed, or compiled by an independent accountant, the organization should submit internally prepared financial statements, including a balance sheet and a statement of revenues and expenses, marked unaudited.

  2. A complete copy of the organization’s most recently filed IRS Form 990, including Schedule A and all supporting schedules.

  3. The organization’s current annual operating budget, including revenues and expenses.

  4. A current list of the organization’s board of directors or trustees. If the project has a separate

    advisory group, the organization should submit these names in addition to the board list.

Only one copy of material is needed. Elaborate presentations are unnecessary. All materials submitted remain the property of the Foundation.



Closed for 2015


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